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Tue, Jan 12, 2010

Fresh Year, Fresh Start

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We continue into Week 2 of Fresh Year, Fresh Start with two awesome posts. One from Sandra from Heart for Him and Kelly from Wisdom Begun.

Yesterday, I talked about Ephesians 5 in my post on deciding to love your husband. Today, Sandra is going to focus on the last verse of Ephesians 5, “…let each one of you love his wife as himself, and let the wife see that she respects her husband” (v. 33).

Respect Your Husband

Paul, inspired by the Holy Spirit, knew what married couples for countless generations would need to remember. Husbands are told to sacrificially love their wives, a love that doesn’t come naturally. Wives are told to respect our husbands, and we have to admit, that doesn’t come naturally either.

Have you ever been around a couple and been amazed at how the wife talks to her husband? She may tease, embarrass, nag, or belittle him. Or, have you been with girlfriends and been amazed at how quickly the conversation can take a turn towards complaining about what our husbands don’t do, how much they don’t earn, or what they don’t know?

But ladies, we can be different. We can start a fresh year with a fresh start- a commitment to respect our husbands.

How can you show your husband respect?

Go visit Sandra at Heart For Him to finish reading the post and to find out how.

Now, Kelly at Wisdom Begun. also lets us in on her thoughts on Respect:

Respect – An Act of Obedience

In this Week #2 of Fresh Year, Fresh Start we are sharing our hearts on an unfortunately touchy subject: respecting our husbands. This is not something we see much of in any arena and many of us were not raised to know what this really means and why we should consider it very important. It is my hope that as we delve into God’s word we can all learn and be convicted of this vital aspect in marriage.

As wives we have made vows to another human being that set apart this relationship as different than any other. This is an intimate, passionate, emotional relationship. Our husbands are more than our partner but are now literally our other half. We are one flesh, two joined as one, with another human being.

A flawed, sinful human being.

When we were first married I think we can safely assume that most of us had our heads in the clouds. We had visions of a lifetime filled with evenings spent snuggled on the couch in front of a roaring fire, holding hands at every turn, and never having to work at this whole love thing.

As marriage goes on we discover that “hey, they really were right when they called marriage hard work!” And after awhile, the Ephesians 5:33 passage that we used to read with fondness as we thought of how perfect our husbands are? Yeah. It gets hurriedly passed over as we seek passages on patience.

The fact is, respecting our husbands can be hard. We are not married to perfect people and neither are they. Our husbands will mess up, make mistakes, and say the wrong things. In some marriages there is heavy damage due to pornography, affairs, lying, and more. We will feel hurt and let down by them. And the question becomes: how and why should we respect them?

I think it most important to start with this absolute fact:

We are commanded to respect our husbands.

Visit Kelly at Wisdom Begun for the rest of her post.

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