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Fri, Jan 15, 2010

Fresh Year, Fresh Start

Todays post comes from Kristi at Run the Earth, Watch the Sky. I wrote last week that she is brilliant and after reading her post, I know you will agree. Enjoy.

She brings him good…

If you’ve been reading Fresh Year, Fresh Start this week, your toes are probably bleeding a bit… as mine are. Lori kicked us off with a fresh look at submission, Kelly reminded us that respecting our husbands is an act of obedience, and Sandra reminded us that respect begins in our hearts.  Jessica challenged us to fix that leaky faucet, and Erin asked if our husbands would rather live on the roof than with us inside!  Yesterday, Brooke shared her own journey and commitment to safeguard her marriage, and Teri Lynne gave us a peek into the struggle we all face to guard our marriages against “every day” stressors [And I hope you are planning to link up your own thoughts at the end of this post!]

Today, much more than most posts I write, I wish you were in my living room.  I wish I could bring you a cup of hot chocolate and share my heart with you.

Today’s post is especially for those of you who have walked through some unbelievably difficult valleys in your marriages. For those of you who have felt betrayed, who have faced your worst fears, who have dealt with serious sin issues in your husbands’ lives.

I want to consider together what it means to bring our husbands good… even when we don’t feel good about it.

Here’s the thing: you married a human being.  A sinful, flawed, desperately-in-need-of-grace human being.  A human being just like you.

He will fail you.  He might fail you in little ways – he might leave his socks on the floor and the toilet seat up.  He might spend untold numbers of hours watching football or playing video games rather than working hard to build up his home and family.  He might fail you in big ways – he might have an affair, become addicted to substances or images, turn his back on the Lord.  Whether in big or small ways, he will fail you because he is human.  And you will fail him because you are human.

So, what’s a girl to do when her Prince Charming falls off his steed and crashes ungracefully to the forest floor?

Go to Run the Earth, Watch the Sky for the rest of the post and link up on her site to share your Fresh Start plan for spiritual growth in 2010. Jo-Ann (@dcrmom) of DCR Design is giving away a FRESH BLOG MAKEOVER as a grand prize!

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