Would You be More Proud of Dating Brad Pitt Than You Are of Your Relationship with God?

I think Brad Pitt has a lot to teach us about our relationship with God.

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Would you be more proud of dating Brad Pitt than you are of your relationship with God?

Brad Pitt would not be my first choice for a celebrity crush. I flew my Team Aniston flag high and proud and have issues with his infidelity. Before you fly your Team Pitt flag just know that I saw the pictures of Brad and Angelina when they were on the Mr. & Mrs. Smith set and poor Jen was home in her Beverly Hills mansion drinking Cristal and doing yoga thinking everything was fine-even though she was okay with her husband acting out a physical relationship with Angelina for the movie…but that is besides the point. Our dear Jen was hurt. Anyway, he is not high on the list of guys that I would Google for latest info but I think he best makes my point. (if needed insert any celebrity crush where you see Brad Pitt’s name)

If you were dating Brad Pitt would you want the world to know? Wouldn’t you be proud of the fact that he picked you? Don’t you think you would call every mean girl you went to high school with and rub it in their faces that you are currently dating one of the wealthiest, most powerful and attractive men in the world?  How awesome to be in the position that millions of women want to be in. You get to walk the red carpet, wear couture and have a closet full of Jimmy Choo’s (cause geez, your dating Brad Pitt, you no longer are shopping BOGO at Payless) Every move you make will be photographed by the paparazzi and will appear on the cover of every magazine in the free world…all because you are dating Brad Pitt. I’m thinking we would all be okay with it, even if just for awhile.

Imagine if we felt that way about our relationship with Christ. How is it that we would be fine letting the world know that we are dating a movie star but we are not that enthusiastic about letting the world know that we are in a relationship with Christ?

I love what Phillip Keller says in A Shepherds Looks at Psalm 23 when looking at the relationship between us and our maker  “It links a lump of clay to divine destiny – it means a mere mortal becomes the cherished object of divine diligence”

Yes, we are the lump of clay. Some dude. Just the wife. Only the mom. The “nobody” chosen by the big star.  We are also “a cherished object of divine diligence, with a divine destiny” already in place. I’m thinking that is way better than a tryst with Pitt, any day.

I am God’s chosen cherished object.

That thought completely ignites a blazing fire within and gives me a defined purpose and true worth. To imagine that God, maker of all things, the ultimate Emmy winner cares truly, madly and deeply about me should give me incredible confidence and reassurance.

Like if Pitt called up and said, “Hey babe, you’re the one. Get dressed were going to Robertson.” Do you not think for a second we would scream at the top of our lungs and proceed to call every girlfriend we know and tell them the news: “Brad Pitt chose me! He wants to be seen with me! Were. Going. To. The. Ivy!”

Christ has already made that call and We’re The One! How are we not shouting loudly and boldly “Look who chose me!!” “He wants me!” “He sent his son to cover my sin so I can live with him forever!” “Who needs Jimmy Choo”?

Sorta seems ridiculous to want to flaunt Brad and not flaunt God, huh?

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  1. Ari Says:

    Hey Lori!

    This was great! Such a real and valid point that SO many of us miss. We let other lights in our life shine brighter then the amazing love Christ has for us and its so sad! Imagine what the church would be like if EVERYONE valued Christ by just a fraction of what He values us. Thank for this!

    Ari from Ari’s Awesome Adventures

  2. Lori Zimbardi Says:

    Thanks Ari!!

  3. Donna Earnhardt Says:

    Good points! I’ve been convicted lately that my desire to be with God has not been the top desire on my list of desires. I “say” it is…but my actions speak otherwise.

    Thanks for a great post!


  4. { jamie } Says:

    I loved this post! :)

    In Sunday school one day, our teacher showed a video of Michael Jackson fans (in Japan, I think). They were truly worshiping him, crying tears of joy at seeing him, wanting to just be in his presence, the closer the better. It was sickening.

    But the question was, how many of us act that way about God? Usually, the way we worship Christ is a bit lame. But it shouldn’t be! Like you said, we should be shouting our excitement that the Creator of the universe chose us, loves us, wants to be with us!

  5. Joy Says:

    The difference is that Jesus isn’t cool or popular, like Pitt is. And he totally told us to expect UNpopularity. Jesus told us “the world hates me and it will hate you too.” That is so hard for me. I struggle to properly prize my unseen God who promises FUTURE bliss when I’m surrounded by very visible *present* promises of bliss.

  6. Jennifer Says:

    Well said! Lots to think about in this post. Thanks!

  7. Lori Z Says:

    Thanks for the comments, Donna, Joy, Jen & Jamie!

  8. Jeremy D Says:

    Challenging thoughts Lori. Why am I not head-over-heals crazy telling anyone and everyone that Jesus chose me?

  9. Lori Z Says:

    Thanks Jeremy.

  10. Brooke McGlothlin Says:

    Lori I needed to hear that today. To think that the King of kings and Lord of lords Himself would look down and call me lovely…

  11. Lori Z Says:

    Thanks Brooke.

  12. TeriLynne Says:

    As always, you challenge my heart and my mind. Thank you for writing even the hard stuff and for using that beautiful “Lori way” of sharing tough truths.

    I am thankful you are in my life!

  13. Lori Zimbardi Says:

    Wow, Thanks TeriLynne. I am more thankful that you will ever know that you and the other gals are in my life! I have learned sooo much from you and I may even decorate next Christmas.

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