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Fri, Apr 2, 2010

Church, What had happened was...

Argyleandapricots day laborers

I have mentioned more than a few times here that I work for my church in our Care Ministry. Care Ministry, you ask? Do you really care? The answer is yes, yes I do-thanks for asking.

We talk to a lot of people in our church and community that are in serious financial need due to major, unexpected issues. We do all we can to help them get back on their feet and in community and relationship with God and others. We also talk to many, many people who really just don’t want to work, have no desire to even try and find work outside their chosen field and truly expect that because we are a church, we are obligated to help them financially. We do care about them and give them numerous resources to find help from our city programs and counsel them on job searching and thinking about just maybe looking for work in retail, temp or day labor…I mean this is Southern California, every Home Depot and street corner in Woodcrest (lots of horses and lots of flies) has guys willing and able to do anything to make some money for their families back home. For example:

Our septic tank collapsed a few years ago leaving a gaping hole in our front yard.  It was a horrific, disgusting mess and believe me, we weren’t gonna jump down there and shovel it out. Sure enough one of the guys standing on the corner looking for work had no problem shoveling our…you know. He put a bandanna around his mouth and nose and hopped in and got to work. We fed him lunch and paid him well. I think he spent two days in the muck and had enough money to pay his rent and probably send a little money home.  Before you get all “Buy American” on me, please consider if you would have been willing to take the job if you were out of work? Yeah, didn’t think so.

I just wonder how many of  the people who come in to the church asking for money would have been willing to jump into a pile of poo soaked mud to help support their families?

I found this blog today Unemploymentality (via Lynsights a very funny and talented writer who’s blog I follow). Check out her post – I say heck yeah, get funky with your bad self Portugal guy. I bet he made enough to eat and brought enjoyment to all those around.

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  1. Heather Love Says:

    That’s right Lori! Thank you so much for this post!

  2. Lori Zimbardi Says:

    Thanks, Heather

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