LA, The Whiskey and a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Fri, Nov 19, 2010


Danny took me out on a date last night. To LA. We went to see  Moi at the Whiskey A Go-Go. Yep, The Whiskey. The first and last time I was there was in 1987, when I was 18, to see a friend’s band called The Durocs. They were a punk band which was appropriate because I was a young punk-not rocker-just a punk. I am fairly certain that the women’s restroom has not been properly cleaned since ’87, either. That may be my 42 year old stuffy mother talking but hey, I’m a 42 year old stuffy mother hanging out on the Sunset Strip at The Whiskey. I’m allowed a little mom-angst. It’s rock and roll!

Our date started at Cafe Was. It is touted as a Bohemian bistro, bar and live music venue. Honestly, a must if you ever venture into West Hollywood. Just leave before 10:00 pm on Thursdays when the burlesque show starts. It’s all good before 10:00, I promise.

To kill time before Moi’s show, we took a walk on Hollywood and Vine to see the names on the stars that line the streets. I was hoping Pat Benatar had a star, but Google advised me otherwise. My next must see was Mary Tyler Moore, my long time favorite Nick at Night TV show. We searched and searched but couldn’t find her. Google again revealed that she was miles up the road between Walt Disney and Morgan Freeman. Tempting, but it was a long walk and I was in heels. Sorry Mare.

What was interesting was scattered throughout stars like John Wayne, Micheal Jackson and Boris Karloff were a lot of people that I have never heard of. I decided to pick one that I had no idea who they were and research their story.

I chose Alice Lake. Her star was situated on Vine between Hollywood and Sunset Blvd. Not in front of a bar, strip club or smoke shop, like most, and she was under a street light so I decided she was my gal.

Alice was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1895.  She made her screen debut was in 1912 in silent movies. At the height of her career she earned $1,200 per week as a motion picture actress. Lake had only limited success in dramatic roles. Following the introduction of talkies her parts in films began to wane and she only performed in supporting roles. Her last appearance in film was in 1935 with a bit part in Frisco Kid. In all her screen credits numbered ninety-six.

Alice divorced her husband who was a vaudeville performer in 1926.  Lake died of a heart attack at Paradise Sanitarium in Hollywood, CA in 1967. She was 71.

That’s all I could find. Nothing on what she was up to between 1935 and 1967 except that she is said to have had one brown eye and one gray eye, something that never showed up in black-and-white films.

There you go. A trip to LA, a cool cafe, seeing Moi play and a silent film actress bio. I am convinced more than ever that Pat Benatar now needs a star.

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  1. DZ Says:

    Mom angst, its rock n roll, thats pretty funny. Thanks for being a great date!

  2. Lori Zimbardi Says:

    Thanks Z Force. I’d go to any trashy bar with you any day!

  3. geektom Says:

    “Promises In The Dark” is one of the best rock songs of all time.

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