Happy Birthday Justin Timberlake

Mon, Jan 31, 2011

Motherhood, My Girls

Perryann was a huge NSYNC fan when she was 7 years old. She had an undying love for Justin Timberlake. She told me once that she loved him so much, it hurt her chest. A little too young for chest crushing love, yes. Possibly an unhealthy infatuation not squashed by her mother, uh huh.  But the girl loved Justin Timberlake and I was living with post divorce guilt where my parenting style was based on “what baby wants baby gets.”

She knew every word to every song on the No Strings Attached CD. She made up dance steps to every song and I even bought her the Darren’s Dance Groove DVD. (Darren was the choreographer for NSYNC and taught us via DVD step by step moves to Bye Bye Bye and other NSYNC classics for only $19.95 plus shipping and handling-totally worth it!)

Danny and I even rewarded good behavior in the first grade with tickets to an NSYNC concert for her and her 8th grade partner-on a school night, of all nights. And we even made t-shirts to wear to the concert. Mine and Perryann’s said “NSYNC-I Love Justin”, her 8th grade partners said “NSYNC-I Love Lance” (this is before we knew the truth, of course) and Danny’s said “IN-SINK-I’m The Driver.” It was classic.

We bought the Justin marionette, NSYNC valentine cards, and we still have the NSYNC-Backstage Pass game in our closet. I can’t throw it away. I laugh every time I see it reminiscing about us playing it. The aim of the game was to get past security guards to the stage by trying to answer, correctly, facts about the band: What Justin thinks his best feature is (his hands), JC’s most embarrassing moment (his fly split open on stage), Joey’s dogs name (Nikita) or Chris’ shoe size (81/2). Yeah, we played it A LOT!

We also baked cupcakes every January 31st in honor of Justin’s birthday and sang to his poster on her wall.

Though Perryann and I stopped singing to Justin 8 years ago or so, I thought in honor of his birthday today I would bring it back for old times sake. The problem is that Perryann is not home today and it would be a bit creepy if I baked and then, alone, sang to JT.

Maybe we’ll wait and sing to Lance on May 4th..or JC on August 8th…or Chris on…yeah, maybe not.

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