Why Argyle & Apricots

It was 1981 and I was 15 years old. The Go Go’s and Duran Duran were my bands of choice. Polo shirts and walking shorts were the “preppy” style and everyone’s hair had some level of feathering or “wings”, as we liked to call them. I sported a shameful and really embarrassing sausage roll winged hairdo. I spoke like I lived in the valley, “for sure” and “totally” punctuated every sentence.  New Wave was just about to take over, black eye liner, paisley print, broaches and bolo ties were beginning to be seen on campus….on guys.  I held tight to my signature preppy style and rocked the argyle knee highs and matching sweaters as long as I could.  A friend began to call me Argyle due to my abundance of and insistence on wearing the print.  The preppy fad faded and new wave took over and I held tight to my style for a while.  I think I cracked senior year and bought a paisley blouse but my heart was always with argyle.

In 1986, my freshman year of college, I met a wild and eccentric guy named Kevin O’Neal. He lived in an adjacent dorm and my friends and I were completely intrigued and captivated by him.  A nonconformist like I had never met before. He was on a path to “discover” himself and dabbled in all the world had to offer an 18 year old guy away from home for the first time. Looking back, probably fresh off or on a drug binge, he became obsessed with the way I said apricot.  He would insist that I repeat it over and over and eventually the nickname stuck and I was Apricot during those years.

Argyle and Apricots represent a very simple and innocent time of my life. It was a season when I was discovering who I was and how this world worked. It was before abandonment and betrayal, marriage and divorce, death and miscarriages and lack of sleep and time. I knew I could accomplish anything and had the drive and time to pursue it.  It was also before Christ. My faith and belief system was seriously lacking back then.   Knowing that, now, Christ is my Lord and Savior and the center of my life,  makes looking back and remembering that time an inspiration.

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