I love making words rhyme.  Dr. Seuss is probably my favorite writer of all time.  One fish two fish red fish blue fish..classic.  I suppose it is also because I have a young daughter who loves to be read to and Dr. Seuss is her favorite.  My poems are not silly, though Hip Hop was written as a sort of joke in response to a cheesy commercial and my feeling that anyone can rap it just takes attitude and confidence…not that I want to, I promise.  I connect with God though writing and I love to take a psalm or bible verse and rewrite it to rhyme.  Psalm 46 and Psalm 64 as well as Ecclesiastes 9 are my bible verse inspired poems.

Letter From God

Cleanse My Mind

Psalm 64

Running Shoes


Only You

Ecclesiastes 9

Prince of Peace

Hip Hop

God Speaks

Psalm 46

Call to Faith

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